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LHiDS Creative: Product Line Journey

At LHiDS Creative, we believe Love is Hidden in the Details. That's why we're passionate about creating innovative magnetic organization solutions that seamlessly blend into your life.


Organizing Board & Folio

Our journey began with the Organizing Board and Folio, recognizing the need for a more flexible and accessible way to manage notes, documents, and pens. The detachable magnetic design became the foundation of our approach. 


Magnetic On-the-Go

But our magnetic obsession didn't stop there. We wanted to make this innovative design more portable. Enter our modular badge holder system. This clever concept allows you to personalize your badge with detachable accessories like a card sleeve, note clip, magmirror, and even a phone stand – all held together by the magic of magnets.


Magnetic Home Transformation

Looking beyond the office, we saw the potential for magnetic organization to transform your home. Our EasyHouse line uses metal tiles that turn your walls into a functional canvas. Imagine a hexagon tile system that's not just decorative, but also magnetically compatible with our organizers, shelves, and other accessories. Suddenly, your wall becomes a dynamic space for organization and creativity.


Folio 2.0: The Evolution of Magnetic Organization

The original LHiDS Organizing Board and Folio revolutionized the way you manage your notes and essentials. Now, the Folio 2.0 takes magnetic organization to the next level, offering even more flexibility and functionality for the on-the-go professional.