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LHiDS Brand Story

The brand name LHiDS is an acronym that originates from "Love Hidden in Details". At LHiDS we believe good design is devised by treating every detail with care, and our passion lies in designing projects that optimize your life in clever ways.

In 2020, through the help of Kickstarter, we launched our first project: MagEasy™ Modular Magnetic Organizing Kit and managed to deliver to 3,000+ backers on time! To our amazement, we were also awarded the Red Dot Design Award for that project.

Since then we have launched many other projects on both Kickstarter and our website. These products include MagEasy™ Hybrid Workstation, EasyHouse Wall-Mounted Storage, Pholdr Magnetic Phone Holder, and a variety of magnetic organizing accessories. These new additions to the LHiDS lineup, like all of our products, help simplify people’s lives through good design and intuitive organizing features.



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