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LHiDS - Leads a Modern Lifestyle

LHiDS is an acronym that originates from "Love Hidden in Details". We believe good design is devised by treating every detail with care, and our passion lies in designing projects that optimize your life in clever ways.

Our Team

Consists of talented designers, videographers, photographers, prototypers along with a dedicated support partners for our IP Legal needs, logistics and more. Although we are young, we have years of experience in design, and we’ve been collaborated with other million-dollar crowdfunding projects in the past years. We aim to offer creative designs which cannot be found in the market.

Quality Insist

We are dedicated to providing you with the best products and services from LHiDS. Under the observation of our highly experienced QC team, modular magnetic design are made with good quality to ensure the satisfaction of every customers.

Our Goal

Keep pushing the boundaries of design and creating products which make life easier and simpler by defying the conventional complexity and stereotype in life and imagination.

3146+ backers. Solution for WorkFromHome, a portable, customizable and catch-all organizing kit.


With the help of magnets, a multitude of products can be sorted and stored in the modular organiser.

Reddot Winner 2020

This Magnet-Embedded
Modular Organizer is Probably
One of the Smartest Ideas I've Seen.