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Retractable Reel

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  • Versatile ID card-carrying solution
  • Innovative fold-out magnetic closure
  • Plain matt finish pvc sheet with quick access slot
  • Magnets safely placed to avoid demagnetizing your cards

Product name: Retractable Reel
It is extendable up to 11.81" inch.

Shipping Cost: US$10-15 per order. We offer FREE SHIPPING service for the order over US$55.

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The World's First Modular Magnetic Badge Holder

Our ID Badge Holder is equipped with embedded magnets that are designed to firmly hold an array of magnetic modules that help you tackle any situation you find yourself in.

Detachable Card Holder

Convenient for contactless payment. It can make sure you will have proper spaces to keep items such as cards, banknotes, receipts, etc. A good holder, holds every single detail for you.

Pholdr Mini

A phone stand that fits on all mobile phones. Designed to hold your daily companion at the most comfortable viewing angle. Perfect for your break time during work.

Adjustable Lanyard

The lanyard can be adjusted to any height and comfortably fits around your neck. The fine metal hook on the lanyard can also be used with the retractable reel to make it even more convenient to use.

Retractable Badge Reel

The ID Badge holder provides multiple ways of wearing to suit your different needs. It may also be used with the lanyard and the retractable reel. The badge reel can extend to as far as 19 inches. (0.5m)

Wear Your Style

LHiDS Badge Holder has two styles, portrait and landscape. No matter which one you choose, it will be a great holder of your ID badge. Free accessories like lanyard and retractable reel can be used together with the badge holder to wear and you will look even more professional while working or socializing in network.