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Zoom MagPac Module Series
Zoom MagPac Module Series
Zoom MagPac Module Series
Zoom MagPac Module Series
Zoom MagPac Module Series
Zoom MagPac Module Series
Zoom MagPac Module Series
Zoom MagPac Module Series
Zoom MagPac Module Series
Zoom MagPac Module Series

MagPac Module Series

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MagPac Module Series: 

Module Mesh: ML, M1, M2, M3

Module Slot: S1, S2

Module Band: B1

- ML
Size: 30x21.5 cm / 11.8x8.46 inch
Weigh: 126 g / 4.44 oz

- M1
Size: 19.5x14 cm / 7.67x5.51 inch
Weight: 60 g / 2.12 oz

Size: 19.5x14 cm / 7.67x5.51 inch
Weight: 55 g / 1.95 oz

Size: 19,5x14 cm / 7.67x5.51 inch
Weight: 57 g / 2.01 oz

Size:19.5x14 cm / 7.67x5.51 inch
Weight: 64 g / 2.25 oz

Size:19.5x14 cm / 7.67x5.51 inch
Weight: 60 g 2.45 oz

Size: 19.5x14 cm / 7.67x5.51 inch
Weight: 54 g / 1.9 oz

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Modular Organizer-Arrange It Your Way

MagPac module series has 7 different modules that can make your life easier and satisfy you in any packing situation without getting messy again.

Independent Use & Match Your Various Bags

Magnetic modules are universal and compact. They can be used not only to organize the MagPac Bag Series, but also as dividers and organizers for almost any other bag.

Module Mesh - With Large Capacity

There are four different mesh modules, which are one large size and three small sizes. The large size has a zipper that keeps your things safely inside. Each of the small sizes has its own features and can satisfy your needs depending on your purpose of use.

Module Slot - Reach Your Cards in an Instant.

There are two modules of Slot, which are S1 and S2. The main difference between these two is the zipper’s orientation, and the S1 has a pen slot.

Module Bend - Well-Organized in Every Section

The Bend module's elastic bend design offers you a wonderful packing experience. You may arrange your items neatly and securely in the Module Bend with only a simple slip. Everything is within reach and visible at a glance.

Stop the Clutter and Mess !

Using the MagPac modules series will give you a whole new packing experience. To avoid getting messy again, pack with our MagPac modules from now on!

Master the Art of Packing

Instead of overstuffing your drawer with randomly scattered items, you can keep them neatly in MagPac modules and get ready to pack for your next trip.

Perfect Partner with MagEasy Board

The MagPac Magnetic Modular Organizers also work seamlessly with the MagEasy Magnetic Organizing Board, keeping office supplies in place and within reach.