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Exploring the Pholdr Series: The Ultimate Phone Holders

In the modern world, a reliable phone holder is essential for both convenience and functionality. Enter the Pholdr series, a range of innovative phone holders designed to cater to your every need. The name "Pholdr" is a clever combination of the words "phone" and "holder," signifying that every product in this series serves as a phone holder. But what makes each product in this series unique? Let's delve into the details and discover the differences between the Pholdr, Pholdr Set, Pholdr Mini, and Pholdr Pro.


The Origin: Pholdr

The Pholdr, the prototype of the series, is designed to stick to metal surfaces or any LHiDS Module. This means it requires a supportive surface to function as a stand. While it's a versatile holder, it cannot be directly attached to your phone.


Enhanced Usability: Pholdr Set

To address the need for a more practical and convenient holder, the Pholdr Set was introduced. This version includes a stand, allowing you to place it on any desk for easy use. The Pholdr Set transforms the basic holder into a more versatile accessory for everyday use.


Direct Attachment: Pholdr Mini

The Pholdr Mini was created to overcome the limitation of the original Pholdr. Unlike its predecessor, the Pholdr Mini can be directly attached to your phone if it has a metal surface. If your phone or phone case lacks a metal surface, no worries! The Pholdr Mini comes with a magnetic sticker that you can apply to your phone or case, enabling seamless use.


Ultimate Functionality: Pholdr Pro

The Pholdr Pro is the pinnacle of the Pholdr series, combining a phone stand and storage solution. It includes three different accessories, allowing you to store your earbuds, phone, and smartwatch all in one place. These accessories can be purchased separately in the accessories section, making the Pholdr Pro a comprehensive storage solution for your electronic devices.


We hope this article has helped you understand the unique features and benefits of each product in the Pholdr series. Whether you need a basic holder, a practical stand, a direct attachment solution, or an all-in-one storage system, the Pholdr series has got you covered.